ABout David

David is a certified sports nutritionist through the International Society of Sport Nutrition, certified personal trainer through The Personal Trainer Collective and an evidence-based online strength and physique coach. After graduating from Florida State University in 2014, working various customer service jobs including an iOS Advisor position with Apple, he decided to leave the corporate world to pursue his passion in fitness. In November 2015, he made the spontaneous decision to leave north Florida and moved to Houston were he currently resides. 


In April 2017, David launched “The Esoteric Anomalies Podcast”. The purpose of this podcast was to create a free platform to learn and become inspired by individuals in different fields, not just fitness. Through this, he also plans on sharing knowledge he has learned over the years. It is available on iTunes for your listening pleasure.


One on One Coaching

Stop feeding into the cookie cutter programs. During your time with me, we will develop a customized training and nutritional program that will get you to your fitness goals. Your program will be designed to help bring up your weak points and teach you the importance of setting a nutrition plan to see results. Every program I develop is based around tried and true methods and the latest industry research. If you are ready to finally start seeing the results you want, click the button below.


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