Kevin Hack


My name is Kevin, I am a 25 year old professional actor and singer.  I’ve been training/weight lifting now for about 2 and half years now.  After plateauing for quite some time and being bored in the gym I felt it was time to get some professional and SCIENCE backed help, and that is exactly what David provides.  I’ve been traveling the world singing and acting for the better part of 4 years and David was able to handle anything that was thrown at me gym/diet wise.  In the beginning, we did a 16 week cut which then turned into a prep for a fitness photo shoot out in Brooklyn, New York. During that cut i was able to drop 30lbs while enjoying the foods i liked and not depriving myself of sweets as well as maintaining a lot of the size that i put on during the previous bulking phases I was doing.  I have recommended many people to David and the friends and people that have signed on with him for coaching are very happy with their progression.  I am very excited to rejoin David for coaching when I am getting ready to begin prepping for a men’s physique show some time in the 2019 time frame!  David is also one of the most friendly and understanding people in this industry, so dive in and get ready to be in the best shape of your life while eating cookies and cake!