Joseph Raley


Incredibly bright with a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge, David is a truly excellent trainer. Even online, he offered me just the right amount of support and expertise to help me reach my fitness goals much faster than I thought was possible.


I’ve known David for several years and have had the pleasure of watching him achieve one personal fitness goal after another on social media. On top of the progress pictures of his I would see from time to time, David sometimes shared informative scientific articles on fitness and dietetics. It became obvious to me early on that David was not just somebody who enjoyed bodybuilding, but someone who thoroughly understood the process inside and out and who knew what it took to achieve fitness goals in as little time as is necessary.


When I finally came around to approaching David, I was just like many gym goers: I’d kept my membership for years, but I had to work myself up to go every time. I could never find a good routine online so I’d waste my time trying out different machines, or running on the treadmill because I didn’t want to look like I didn’t know what I was doing.  Worse yet, what hard work I did put in was mostly lost because I wasn’t getting the proper nutrients to grow and recover.


What I got from David was nothing but pure professionalism. From the start, David eased me in to the gym atmosphere. He gave me all the resources I needed to ensure I was doing each exercise properly and set me up with a simple but effective nutrition plan that helped me know I wouldn’t be jeopardizing my progress outside of the gym. He was kind and encouraging every step of the way, and always had the proper advice to give me. He encouraged me to ask questions and if I happened to be in the gym at 8:00 am or 10:00 pm on a weekday and needed advice, he would do his best to respond to me immediately.  Each week he compared my progress (and I saw progress very quickly!) and adjusted my workout and macros to maximize my results. For the entire twelve weeks under David’s guidance, I never felt like there was one moment when I was not progressing.


The biggest changes I’ve gotten from this journey have not just been the improvements I made to my physique, but an improved attitude toward myself and a perpetually rewarding new hobby. I highly credit the careful attention and encouragement I received from David in turning what I thought would be a twelve-week challenge in to a new lifestyle. I highly recommend him without reservation.